Going Postal

November 19th –
December 18th

Curatorial Statement

Going Postal’ is a group exhibition featuring fifty-five works by twenty-seven emerging and established artists reimagined into functional 4×6 postcards. We are pleased to include works derived from a variety of disciplines created by artists living and working in Arizona and beyond.  Exhibiting artists include:

Ali Ikerd, Allen Morris, Amuri Morris, Amy Slater, Andrew Stark, BrassTuna, Charlie Bosco, Chuck LaVoie, Elaine Andrews, g Rat, Hannah Providence, Jackie Reyna, Loma Leschak, Majesti Flores, Michael Miner, Monica Kemsley, Old Leather Utility Belt, Olivia Juliet Taylor, Paula D’Alessandris, Taylor Turner, Tom Nimen, Tommy Pritchett, Torea Frey, Virginia Vovchuk, Vivian Cavalieri, Xtal Pei, and Zoe Ella.

Proceeds collected from the sale of artists’ postcards directly benefits artists and programming at Gone Tomorrow Gallery, a not-for-profit arts space. With your support, Gone Tomorrow Gallery can continue to develop community-based calls to artists.

Taylor Marshall & Craig Johnson, 2022
Gone Tomorrow Gallery